Our Story

Indigo Wings began as a dream decades ago. The vision took on some pretty real dimensions in early 2015 and when the dust cleared on all the paperwork filing we were a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide opportunities for artists who happen to have disabilities, to become more financially and vocationally independent. Opening a Gallery, Gift Shop and Studio space for these artists to create and sell, was the next step.

Our community of artists continues to grow and there is always room for more. We have been working hard at fixing up and furnishing the space so that our artists can have a comfortable space to work and also a space to relax and spend time sharing experiences and making friends. In the near future we will have classes (we can always use more volunteer teachers) and down the line we wish to provide; mentoring, education, training and eventually a scholarship fund, for individuals who need support with their higher educational goals.

Additionally, because the dream is a big one, there will be opportunities for jobs/internships for individuals with disabilities who wish to learn about retail, management, advertising, design, web management, consulting and marketing.