Meet Katlyn

Katlyn Pityer

My name is Katie Pityer. Growing up I have learned to deal with Bipolar Disorder, a Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Insomnia and an Eating Disorder. I have learned that Coping Skills need to be a very big part of my life and my recovery. The greatest and most important coping skill, the one that I rely on the most is Art. Whether it’s painting; creating clay; ornaments, figurines and jewelry; making all occasion cards; sun catchers; coloring inspirational coloring books or origami, they have all helped me to understand myself better and keep me on the road to recovery.

Art is the one thing I can immerse myself into and nothing else in the world seems to matter. It gets me through bad days, anxiety and panic attacks and many other unpleasant situations. When I am painting, I want to make it fun and inspirational; whimsy is a big part of everything I do. My clay work is inspired by my favorite things, like animals, items and words. I also like to use the holidays to inspire new and different designs. The cards I create are mostly inspired by the holidays and the people that are close to me. I make them so that each individual can personalize them and add their own special touch.

Art has definitely played a large role in my recovery. It lets me be creative, as well as gives me a way to express myself through my imagination. In fact, I can’t imagine my life without art. Much of my creations are currently available at Indigo Wings Gallery and Gifts at 4601 Monona Drive, Suite 102 and I try to get to the studio there at least one day a week to work.