Where We Came From

The Concept

The concept of Indigo Children first gained popularity in the 1970’s and by the 1990’s, much had been written, even debated on the subject, which leads to the first part of the name Indigo Wings, Inc. These children and adults often have disabilities as well as extraordinary abilities. Some people have defined them as ‘supernatural’; nothing could be farther from the truth because they are completely natural. Indigos are often misunderstood and marginalized. Our aim is to show them the respect and understanding that they deserve.

Creativity is in their nature, structure and rules are not. They are intelligent and spiritual, sometimes described as ‘old souls’, they have often been misunderstood by teachers and other adults around them. Childhood struggles and their depth of spirit means they have a lot to share and that is often expressed through the arts.

Many indigos have other labels too, autism, mental illness, learning disorders, to name only a few. Whether these labels came because of scientific testing, or because of lack of understanding and/or mistreatment doesn’t matter. Most indigos have had very difficult childhoods, in school, foster care, or society in general. We are talking about sensitive individuals that in most cases have been forced to adapt to a world not made for them. We can’t change that past but Indigo Wings can try to offer a better future. Which brings us to the ‘wings’ part; a place of understanding and acceptance as well as an outlet for creativity, a place to spread their wings.